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Other ways to listen to the West Shropshire Talking Newspaper

Amazon Alexa

We’re on smart speaker, through Amazon’s Alexa.

There is a separate 'West Shropshire Talking Newspaper' skill which has options to listen to previous recordings and to play at a faster speed.

The first time you use it, you'll need to say: 'Enable, West Shropshire Talking Newspaper' and thereafter: 'Open, West Shropshire Talking Newspaper'.

Our Magazine is also on Alexa. The first time you use it you'll need to say: 'Enable, WSTN’s Shropshire Magazine' and thereafter 'Open: WSTN’s Shropshire Magazine'. (it is just the initials WSTN’s, not the words)

Listen by telephone

Any telephone can be used to listen to the WSTN, and you can use the number buttons control to choose which tracks to listen to. 01743 387287.

This also offers an option to listen to our Shropshire Magazine recording and to leave us a voicemail

Sonata internet radio

The British Wireless for the Blind Sonata internet radio broadcasts our weekly programme.

Click here for more details about the Sonata internet internet audio player (Opens on a new tab)

Talking News

There is also another web player which has options to play previous issues and even to receive an email when we add a new recording.

You can access the player at https://listen.talking-news.info/west-shropshire

This player allows you to change playback speed, download the recording or subscribe to our podcast. You will not need to install an app to do this.

Memory stick

Following its suspension during the Covid-19 pandemic, the postal memory stick service is now available again.

Please download an application form to join the scheme.

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